Friday, August 17


Billy Graham on TIME cover~ TIME demonizing Billy Graham? (Note placement of the M behind Billy's head.) Yep, it's all a part of an ultra-left mainstream media conspiracy to make conservative and religious people look stupid. And some such people have actually taken the bait.

The drop in the Japanese stock market will have ripple effects in our neighborhood -- perhaps fewer tourists -- perhaps a few deals on Toyotas (the official car of Guam).

~ Covenant World Relief funds are already at work, assisting earthquake victims in Peru.

~ Bookmarks: 1) -- powerful people search 2) vconvert saves online video files to your computer

~ Yes, skype is back online -- at least mine is. And I should mention, too, that we haven't had a power outage at our home in over a month. Guam is improving. Good news all around.

~ A super ocean current pathway -- the "Tasman Outflow" -- has been discovered by Australian scientists. Just like in Finding Nemo!

~ Speaking of Australians, our friends Mal & Linda Hamill return to Brisbane tomorrow. Sad but true. Linda has been the seminary intern at LCG this summer and Mal has been invaluable in helping to get the new computers at PIBC set-up.

~ Mark Roberts has resigned from his position as pastor of Irvine Presbyterian Church in order to become the senior director and scholar in residence at Laity Lodge, in the Texas Hill Country. A great gig in a pretty place.

~ Anyone tried out this $100 PC?

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