Wednesday, August 22


Nessie~ Ed Delgado has been chosen to serve as the new president of CHET. I can't think of a better man anywhere for the job. Link to CHET

~ On this day in 565 -- the first recorded sighting of the Loch Ness Monster. I'm still trying to remember if Walter Cronkite did a " are there" segment on this event.

~ Turlock students are grieving the loss... (via)

~ 10 Presbyterians on a mission trip were ambushed in a Kenyan jungle. "The missionaries were threatened and some were beaten, punched and kicked as four men armed with rifles, a machete and a stick robbed them of money and equipment. None of the injuries were life-threatening."

~ Para-church organizations end up with more ministry opportunities because of the chaplain shortage

~ The challenge of determining the appropriate levels of education for pastors in the emerging African church

~ Both Kent and Erika are so right on.

~ Another reason to increase your caffeine intake -- especially if you're a woman over 65

~ Outsourcing: Get an algebra tutor for your kid through a call center in India.

~ Field education for our PIBC students has been -- well let's just say, "less than effective." So the school asked Ned Farsnworth and Hollie Schaub to come up with an alternative system which provides more direction, structure, accountability, and reflection. They've designed a four class sequence that is culturally appropriate for our Pacific Islander situation and which flows better than any field education for ministry development program that I've seen -- anywhere, in any culture. So this year we'll be testing to see if it works as well in life as it looks on paper. I'm sure there will be some tweaks but I think that even the students will be excited about the new approach.

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