Wednesday, August 22


~ Vatican Air -- new flight service for pilgrims. Quo vadis?

~ What happens when the Boomers decide to retire and withdraw from the stockmarket all at once?

~ Cold on Guam -- came out this morning to 73° -- wow -- middle of summer cold wave.

~ Cheryl arrived on Guam a year ago today -- her birthday! We celebrated tonight with dinner on the patio at Jamaican Grill, overlooking the bay, watching boats moving in and out of the harbor. :-)

~ Doc in the box coming to your local drugstore. I remember making some initial observations about this trend in June 2006.

~ John Morehead's piece answering the critics of the Evangelical-LDS dialog is worth a read. As one who has been involved in the dialog, at least marginally, I can attest that Evangelicals are giving up nothing theologically. Furthermore, we are gaining not only a lot of first hand knowledge but we are repairing some misperceptions that Mormons have about evangelicalism. It's a win-win deal. What are we so afraid of? That our theology is going to crumble in the discussion?

~ Along similar lines, Rich Mouw's post -- False Teachers and False Teaching. Quotable: "I suggest this as a rule of thumb: focus on false teachings rather than on false teachers. When we concentrate on opposing false teachers we tend to think about defeating people which can lead to all kinds of dangers. When we concentrate on the careful examination of false teachings we are more aware of the need to speak truthfully."

~ Google Earth now has Google Sky. It's like having an interactive planetarium on your computer -- and you can zoom in on the stars and planets. You'll need to download the latest version of Google Earth. Yes, it's still free.

~ Testing sewage for drug use. You can run but you can't hide.

~ "Best communion experience ever" by John Wenrich -- This was exactly how they did communion when I visited at Church of the Servant in Grand Rapids last year -- a great church which worships well.

~ Some lawmakers in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (the next set of islands north of here) are talking like they want to break ties with the US. The CNMI is a US territory by voluntary association. But they're a little miffed right now because the US wants to take control of their lax immigration system. Also as a US territory they're subject to the US minimum wage increase at a time when their local economy is sucking air. Some of it just has to do with the insatiable entitlement mentality that characterizes many of the islands.

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