Tuesday, September 4


~ Guam isn't the only place where it's a struggle to keep the power on. (We've actually been doing pretty well for the past couple of months.) The heat wave in California has put a drag on the power grid there. Some relief in sight.
puppy with heart
~ The heart on the puppy is real, says snopes.com.

~ Paul Harvey at 89. Will he sign another 10 year contract?

~ Western Australia is benefiting from the growth of China. It's about metal and energy.

~ American workers are the most productive in the world. Of course, we have other issues...

~ You can now change the number of columns on your iGoogle page. Sweet.

~ Worth a look: Dan Pietrzyk's short article on the predictable life cycle of pastoral ministry.

~ American farmers are moving to Mexico. Overall it could be a win-win movement.

~ Internet soon swamped by video?

~ The post-Castro era has begun.

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