Tuesday, September 4


~ Instead of fixing the problem by modifying the manhole covers, "The Guam Waterworks Authority wants to remind motorists that manhole covers may come loose during heavy rains. Currently the utility agency is experiencing problems with a manhole cover located on Marine Corps Drive in front of Oriental Restaurant or near the intersection to Governor Carlos Camacho Road in Tamuning..." Link

~ If that were not bad enough, Guam is also on gout alert.

~ The webcam at Pete's Pond in Botswana is broadcasting again. Right now I'm watching baby elephants playing in the mud and listening to the calls of exotic birds. Wait -- they just zoomed in on a croc... and there's a monkey... and ...

~ There are 28 full democracies in the world. The US isn't one of them. Sweden has the highest score in the democracy index, according to an Economist article.

~ Keith Drury should be back online sometime today.

~ California is creating new towns to handle the boom.

~ Indiana Wesleyan University is preparing to offer an MDiv degree, according to Ken Schenck. They've already got quality faculty to support it so I'd say, go for it guys!

~ Dave Larson has a link to this powerful music video about Tim & Will.

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Linda said...

Hate to tell you this but that manhole on Marine Corp Drive has been a problem as long as I can remember - that is back to 2000 when they rebuilt that section of road.