Monday, September 3


~ Terry Mattingly's piece on the "religion futures market 2007" puts things in perspective. How does the world rate when ask to agree or disagree with the statement, "Religion is very important to me." Some surprises. Many implications.California water

~ The California water pie is being redivided again -- "the largest court-ordered water supply reduction in California history..." Gov. Schwarzenegger re: the ruling: "a devastating impact on the state's economy and the 25 million Californians who depend on delta water."

~ A Texas judge has ruled that the state can't regulate seminaries. The unhorsed law had required state registration and accreditation in order for a school to call itself a seminary or to issue degrees. The law was originally established to discourage degree mills but it was used against legitimate schools that had issues with the idea of accreditation. This is a good ruling -- even though it leaves the door wide open for unscrupulous "schools" to set-up shop in the state. Caveat emptor.

~ Labor Day -- since 1882 -- but not at PIBC. I worked today, advising students so they could register for classes. Then, this evening I taught the first session of our world religions class. Here's a class picture. Click on the pic for a bigger view.

world relgions class at PIBC -- fall 2007


Ted M. Gossard said...

Good size class. I wonder how many of them have laptops, or even desktop computers at home?

Ted M. Gossard said...

good size, maybe not the clearest English, I meant you have a large number of students there!

Brad Boydston said...

I think that perhaps 7 have computers -- which makes things interesting because half of the work in this particular class is online. We have computers on campus that they use -- brand new Dells that came from a USDA/RUC grant.