Saturday, September 8


~ Out of curiosity I'm taking a poll to see how many people read this blog through a direct visit to the site and how many use an RSS feed reader of some sort. Unfortunately, you'll have to visit the site itself to participate in the poll -- top left column. You can leave additional feedback in the comments section of this post -- or send me email. If you don't know what an RSS feed is vote for a "direct visit." I'm trying to work through some design issues and this information should be helpful.

~ From the sans-sense department: Over-salted burger puts McDonald's employee in jail and Union City, Georgia on the map for late-night comedians.

~ From deep within the sans-sense department: Arminianism as the unpardonable sin? Oh, brother. There are some reformed guys so locked into their rigid system that they think their system is the gospel itself.

~ We've begun to switch Cheryl's Camino Merced Music site over to the new blogger template. Still lots of work to do but the music is accessible.


Sean Meade said...

feed in Google Reader

Brian said...

Bloglines. Though I'll visit the site to see a picture that may be posted (which don't show up in bloglines) and when I want to comment on an item.

Laura Springer said...

read the feed in Google Reader, though I visit periodically to get the feel of the real deal.

Dan said...

Google Reader