Sunday, September 16


~ Newish blog -- Missional Enterprise: "A dialogue about missional enterprises, kingdom businesses, tentmaking, etc."

~ Nonprofit Church and Legal Trends has free info on the latest US tax and legal issues for churches and other religious non-profit organizations.

~ The benefit concert for Steve & Anne Stinnette last night brought in $4,200. Praise the Lord!

~ "Just about everyone who works at the post office is an alien..." ~ Agent Jay, Men in Black II. I somehow missed that quote the first time I saw the movie, but I caught it on television last night.

~ Okay. This is bizarre enough that I don't want any more detail. And the truly amazing thing is that the Sun, Britain's loudest daily tabloid, reported the story without too much detail.

~ Free chicken and Coke @ Chik-fil-A. None in my current neighborhood but I thought I'd pass along the link.

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