Monday, September 17


~ Ralph Winter (yes, the missiologist) on the role and potential of the university

~ The NY Times has figured out that they make more money off the Google ads than through their subscription fees for exclusive services. The paywall is about to drop. That's the way this economy works. You make more off giving stuff away than selling it.

~ Ma Bell history chart

~ Bookmark: Don Johnson's Stewardship Committee musings: PINCH POINTS

~ Global warming opening the Northwest Passage -- some -- maybe

~ Google's new presentation software now up and running

~ "Georgetown University says college seminary enrollment in the U.S. has plummeted from more than 13,000 in the late 1960s to about 1,300 today." Ah, where did they get their information? Fuller Seminary alone has nearly 4,000 students; Southwestern Baptist has 3,800; Gordon Conwell has 2200; Dallas Seminary has 2,000; Denver Seminary has 825... Somebody screwed up somewhere -- unless they mean undergrad seminary courses which have been replaced by graduate level education.

~ Keith Drury reads his students through the lens of the parable of the seeds. He's always worth a read.

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