Tuesday, September 18


Smiley pumpkin~ Smiley has turned 25. :-) Wow, I can remember when he was just a baby. And he doesn't appear to have changed a bit -- unless you're using a proportional font.

~ The rise of the happy-clap Islamic televangelist. (via) It was bound to happen.

~ By the end of the century the average surface temperatures are predicted to rise 2-10 degrees worldwide -- shorter winters, less snow pack melting earlier. The effects will be especially noticeable in the desert Southwest. Buy stock in solar powered air conditioners.

~ Guam anticipates Chinese inva$ion. And why not? The Chinese are making their presence known throughout the Islands -- competing with the US to be the generous but dangerous big brother -- building roads, contributing to local governments, and acting like tourists.

~ Somebody out here is thinking -- run the cars on coconut oil. It only takes 6-10 coconuts to produce a liter of oil. Of course, you do have to keep the oil warmer than 78º (25º C) or it starts to solidify. But really that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

~ How Wesleyans understand biblical inerrancy

~ Windows users are 20% more likely to be interested in God than Mac users. It must be true -- I read it on the Internet.

~ An over-simplification but there is a big nugget of truth in here -- "It is therefore my thesis that because maintaining centralized power exhausts people's energy and causes a fortress mentality, God's people are energized for mission in proportion to the degree which the power and resources of that people are decentralized." ~ Andy Bleyer

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Randall Friesen said...

Ah, see that just confirms the stereotype. Those heathen Mac users.