Wednesday, September 12

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I closed off my survey. About 80% of the respondents visit the blog directly. About 20% use an RSS feed reader. I thought that it would be closer to 50/50. I'm guessing that the numbers were a little skewed because it actually took those who use a feed reader an additional step to response to the poll.

Thank you to those who took the poll and/or responded with email/comments.

Other interesting stuff about the site -- none of which comes from the poll I just took but from Google Analytics -- There are about 80 direct hits on the site each day (doesn't include those who use the feed readers). This is about half of what it was before we moved from Turlock (where portions of the blog were published in the Turlock Journal).

The numbers fluctuate based on content. For example, when I wrote about the tsunamis that hit Thailand a couple of years ago the site was getting 35,000 hits a day. (There was a video clip that people seemed interested in -- and I still get hits to that archive to this day.) A couple of months ago when I wrote about a tropical storm on Guam the numbers jumped to 600/day for awhile.

Half of the current readers use Internet Explorer -- compared to 35% who use Mozilla Firefox and 11% who use Safari. Opera, which would be my favorite browser if I could get a real Google bar for it, is only 1%.

More than you probably care to know -- but interesting to me.

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