Tuesday, October 23

Random -- AM Wednesday

A few quick items before I run off to teach my 8 a.m., spiritual formation class (really, I'm stalling, hoping that the rain will stop long enough that I can tote my stuff across campus without getting totally soaked.)

~ Mayor promises license to reopen Vida Nueva Church in Spain

~ Alpine Conference Center was spared from the fire -- but not the looters

~ "Mount Miguel Covenant Village evacuated all of its residents late Monday night as a precautionary measure due to wildfires that threatened parts of San Diego and other areas of Southern California."

~ Our good friends Dave and Joyce Owen were burglarized yesterday. The perps got "most of the valuable stuff -- new TV, audio system, mp3 players, jewelry, camera, etc." :-(

Dave is the president of PIBC. This has not be an easy fall for the PIBC staff -- Stinnettes having to leave for health issues, Schulz' getting the deportation letter last week, other growing pains at the school. Sigh.

~ Steve and Anne Stinnette have a new entry on their blog.

~ There is some good news. Melissa Heck, our dean of women, was able to replace the hard-drive in her laptop. It was up and running last night.

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Scott said...

We evacuated my mother-in-law from Mt Miguel to our home last night. We had made arrangements earlier in the day if case evacuation became necessary.

It definitely was the right decision to evacuate, but it was not an easy process.

Unlike the press release you link to, it was much later than 10:30 PM when the evacuation took place. We were called at 1:30 am to come to Mt Miguel. And at 3:30 am the evacuation was continuing. Most of the people were being transported in ambulances or buses.

Unfortunately, during the evacuation a 92 year old resident died of natural causes.