Tuesday, October 23


~ iTunes U has expanded to include educational content from sources beyond colleges and universities.

~ $3 flights on AirAsia -- new no-frills low-cost airline that is capturing the airspace over Asia

~ Peter Vaas, our PIBC collegue who is studying at Tyndale Seminary in Amsterdam, has updated his blog. Scroll down to the English section -- unless you read Dutch.

~ Merced County, which was just south of us in Turlock, has the third highest rate of hunger in the US. There is still lots of poverty in the Valley.

~ Also, just south of Turlock, a woman is building a straw house. There is video at the end of the story.

~ Willow Creek repents? -- greater levels of participation don't equal discipleship

~ I'm caught up on my blog reading -- still more email to go. That's the problem with travel -- too much backlog. However, I'm in the air again next Tuesday -- starting a two week trip to the States -- recruiting teachers (English, Bible, theology...) for PIBC and the accreditor's annual meeting in Atlanta.

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