Tuesday, November 6


~ Rob Johnston is the editor of a new collection of essays on theology and film -- Reframing Theology and Film: New Focus for an Emerging Discipline

~ "Your Atonement Is Too Small" -- CT's editor-in-chief David Neff positively reviews Scot McKnight's A Community Called Atonement

~ Michael Spencer positively reviews Alistar McGrath's Christianity’s Dangerous Idea -- "Best book ever"

~ The cries of Ole Anthony, crusader against religious fraud, have apparently been heard. The US Senate has launched an investigation into six flashy televangelists -- Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Kenneth Copeland, and Benny Hinn. Link

~ The deadline for submitting names to the ECC presidential search committee is November 30th. Link

~ Teacher success is when you see your students asking the right questions and seeking solid answers -- outside the classroom. Happiness Lodge is right on target with his observations about his own Micronesian culture and the wave of globalization that is beginning to crash on the islands. If anything with true Micronesian tact, he is understating the issue. There is a tsunami on the way. Link

~ Andy Rowell wants to know if pastors are competitive enough. Link

~ I've enjoyed South Carolina -- the people and the landscape -- although at times it feels cold to me -- and they still allow smoking in restaurants (even when I'm sitting in the non-smoking section it makes my eyes smart). Apparently the memo about second hand smoke being deadly never made it this far.

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Sean Meade said...

no, man. we just have a higher value on individual freedom (remember the War of Northern Aggression?) than the rest of y'all socialists ;-)

(but seriously, i agree with you on the smoking.)