Sunday, November 11


~ It's been a day! Worshiped with the folks at Cornerstone Covenant this morning. (It's still Sunday in California -- even though the blog is set to Guam time and so this appears as a Monday post.) I drove to Roseville to see Keith & Beth Hallsten (& kids). Then I drove to Walnut Creek to see more of the relatives -- Charlie & Sue Bickerton (& kids). I think I've been making up for the fact that I haven't done any highway driving for 1½ years. It wasn't too hard to get back into the swing of it. And it's been so worth it -- seeing everyone. The adults all look the same but the children all look so much older. Now I'm back in San Francisco -- leaving on Tuesday (airfare is significantly cheaper if I leave on Tuesday.) I'll spend Monday grading homework and trying to figure out how to pack everything back into the suitcases.

~ The GovGuam Dept of Rev & Tax is cutting some $3.3 million dollars worth of tax refund checks. Many of the recipients have been waiting for refunds since before 2003. This disbursement will not come near to catching up on what's owed to taxpayers. IOW, it might be wise to make sure your check clears the bank before spending the money. -- Link

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