Monday, November 26


~ Fresno's Chinese underground -- sorta -- Link

~ More underground activity in Fresno -- A homeless contractor known as the "mole man" dug a multi-room 200-square foot home underground in Fresno that surprised police when they recently stumbled upon a hidden entrance. -- Link

~ Bob Smietana, in a last ditch effort to save the world of daily print journalism from extinction, has accepted a position as religion writer for The Tennessean in Nashville. Congratulations, Bob. -- Link

~ Sean Meade came through with an invite for GrandCentral. Thanks! I now have a Stateside (Phoenix, Arizona) phone number. Unfortunately GrandCentral doesn't forward calls to Guam numbers, yet. So for the time being I will use it strictly for voice mail. It was a little tricky setting it up from Guam but with the help of our son Kent who received the confirmation call for me it worked.

~ Brian Jones is writing a book and has an online survey designed for those who preach. He is planning to use the proceeds from his future book to fund a project to help AIDS children in Africa.

~ There is a great future in the business of disaster relief. Natural disasters have quadrupled over the last decade. -- Link

~ Happiness Lodge, one of our PIBC students, continues to amaze me with his insights about his own Chuukese culture. -- Link

~ On December 8th there will be a celebration in Nanjing, China, in recognition of the printing of the Amity Printing Company's 50 millionth Bible, which was printed on September 11th. I can remember when people were smuggling Bibles disguised as Mao's little red book into China. -- Link

~ Economic Indicator -- 6,000 people have applied for 300 lower-skill jobs at a new Wal-Mart, the first in Cleveland, Ohio. This is more disturbing than the slow housing market.

~ I listen to lots of sermons these days -- from students and "professionals." The sermons that I consistently return to for my own edification are by my friend Steve Bilynskyj. They are never showy, cute, or gimmicky -- but they're always simple (in spite of his PhD in philosophy from Notre Dame) and authentic to who he is -- always biblically deep -- and always well presented. -- Link

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