Wednesday, December 26

Off to Australia

AustraliaOur bags are packed and in a few hours we'll be in the air, on the way to Cairns for a couple weeks of vacation. It's a 4½ hour flight from Guam.

Cairns is in the tropical northeast and the Southern Hemisphere is in the middle of summer -- so it doesn't look like we'll have much change of weather from Guam (where it is endless summer). But it will be good to go from a small island to a little bigger island -- change of scenery -- lots of touristy things to do.

We have the first two days planned out and after that we don't know what we'll do. We're on an adventure!

So, unless we end up some place with really good Internet options this probably means that my blog posts will be fewer and my email will be collecting without the normal attention. Hopefully, I'll adjust well and not drive Cheryl crazy.


Lukester said...

You are having too much fun!

Dan said...

And while you're down there, if all goes according to plan, Kent is supposed to stop by up here and hang out with us.