Saturday, December 29

Hi from Cairns, Australia

We're having a great vacation. We've been shopping (at Target!), walked along the beach, eaten Baskin Robbins ice cream, fish and chips, pizza, and a local pineapple that we bought for $1.80 (USD) -- incredible flavor without the heavy acid. Yesterday we took the train up to Kuranda and the skyway back down to Cairns ("ir" is silent in American English) -- beautiful gliding over the top of the tropical rainforest. This morning we worshipped with the Cairns Presbyterian Church, where we ran into Becky North, who is in transit from New Zealand back to Guam. It's a warm and welcoming congregation. Actually, all of the natives we've met so far have been very warm -- there is a culture of friendliness here -- kind of like what we experienced when we lived in Texas. Cairns is a busy tourist center (even in the "off season") -- lots of backpackers -- beautifu setting -- lots to do. More later!

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