Friday, December 7


~ Bookmark: Ken Schenck's summary of how to do inductive Bible study -- It appears that I'll be teaching such a class next semester. -- Link

St Ambrose~ Yesterday was St Nicolas Day. Today the church the commemorates the life of St Ambrose who should really get at least as much or more attention than St Nick. Even if he were not a great apologist, preacher, theologian, and the pastor who baptized St Augustine, Ambrose is unique in the history of the church because he was baptized, ordained a deacon, then a priest, and then a bishop -- all in a single week! He had originally tried to hide from those who were forcing him into it. -- Link

~ More half-baked Guam legislation -- "A section in the proposal to legalize slot machines at the Guam Greyhound racetrack would unintentionally eliminate the gross receipts and excise taxes that apply to many businesses on Guam, a former Department of Revenue and Taxation director said." -- Link

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