Friday, December 7


~ 15 foods that burn more calories than they contain -- and oranges are on the list! -- Link

~ Key lime movement -- Some of the key lime seeds that I planted a few weeks ago are starting to pop up. I have a dream -- someday key limes will be as abundant on Guam as calamansi.

~ 19 YouTube video clips of Christians from around the world expressing worship -- what a great collection! -- Link

~ Carleton Peterson, church planting pioneer and one of the more creative pastoral minds in the Covenant, has died after a long struggle with cancer. God's peace to you, Judy, and your family, as you adjust to life without him. -- Link

~ Happiness Lodge's latest post on Micronesian culture -- Link

~ Yes, there is a Jewish community on Guam, and they're celebrating Hanukkah -- Link

~ Terry Mattingly analyzes the way that the press is handling Mitt Romney's Mormonism and the way that Mormons are presenting themselves as mainstream Christian. Don't miss the comments on the post. There are lots of good contributions to the conversation in there. -- Link

~ The end of an era -- the rest of the CompUSA stores are closing. -- Link

~ The "church distributed." I'd suggest that being the church distributed has less to with geographical distance and more to do with operating mode. Anytime the church isn't gathered it is distributed -- and that includes all of us -- wherever we are in mission. -- Link

~ We have a mini-update on our ministry blog -- Link

~ This afternoon/evening we had our PIBC Christmas party up at the beach on Andersen Air Force Base. Beautiful day. Beautiful setting. Fun. I'm always amazed whenever I go onto one of the military bases here. It's a totally different world -- orderly, clean, smooth roads, no abandoned cars piled up on the roadside -- brings out the beauty of the island. I can't help but see it this way -- I'm an American. (An OCCASIONAL rant is cathartic.)

Here are a few pictures --

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