Sunday, December 9


~ Generating power through the wave action in the ocean -- a step closer -- Link

~ "Over 6,000 Saipan residents supporting the federal takeover of immigration took part in what's being called the largest protest march ever held in the Northern Mariana Islands, the Saipan Tribune reports." -- Link

Saipan is north of Guam by about 70 miles and is the capitol of the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands. They are in voluntary association with the United States -- but the US doesn't currently handle their customs and immigration.

They have a lot of issues with local government irregularities, half-baked legislation, economic spiral, and crumbling infrastructure. In someways it would make sense geographically and economically to create a single state of some sort that would include Guam and the islands of CNMI, but my understanding is that the indigenous Chamorros on Guam and those on Saipan have historically had trouble getting along with each other.

~ Things other people accomplished when they were your age -- notice that they were not necessarily great things -- Link (via)

~ Margaret Bright died Friday evening. When I was in high school I stocked shelves for Newton's Christian Books in San Jose, California. Margaret worked there, too. She was a kind and ever upbeat presence that customers loved. Eventually we figured out that she was a friend of my grandparents. That made her even more special.

Years later when we moved to Turlock our paths crossed again. Then when her daughter moved to Turlock to keep an eye on her aging mother, Lois Wilson became a part of our church and also a good friend. Margaret was one of our mission supporters -- helping us so that we can serve the churches in the Western Pacific.

When I was in California last month I dropped in to see Margaret at the Brandel Nursing Center. But she was in a deep sleep and I didn't wake her. She was frail looking. And while it's sad to see her go there is a bit of joyous pride in seeing her cross the finish line after a well-run race.

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