Thursday, December 20


Santa Man X~ The Japanese have this habit of taking good ideas from everyone else and reworking them -- making them Japanese -- but hey, a ninjaized Santa Man X? Of course, we can't complain too loudly because that's exactly what we did with Saint Nicolas in the first place -- remade him to become a culturally acceptable icon. Besides, it appears that the uniform is on sale!

~ European integration at work! The border posts between Poland and Germany have been dismantled. The German police are worried -- but really, guys, the trouble-makers were already moving freely across the border. -- Link

The US and Canada should consider doing this -- but unfortunately we're moving things in the opposite direction.

~ Why should the Air Force have all the fun? Now the Coast Guard is getting into the Santa visits the islands game. -- Link

~ American Samoa, Guam, the CNMI, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Washington, DC may soon get their own "state quarters." Let's hear it for the insulars! -- (and DC)... -- Link

We're all feeling much more included now. :-)

~ New blog on my list --

~ Six of our students finished up their BA degrees this week. We're so proud of them. -- Link

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