Sunday, December 23


Donald Duck~ The Swedes seem to have this thing about Donald Duck -- especially at Christmas time. And fortunately atmospheric conditions have improved and television signals are again coming through -- just in time. -- Link

~ Tracking Santa's progress -- lots of fun stuff -- more fun that watching Donald Duck for Christmas. -- Link

~ The entire Hebrew text of the Jewish Bible has been inscribed onto a space less than half the size of a grain of sugar -- the world's smallest Bible. Of course, the microscope needed to read the micro text has got to be significantly larger than the printed edition.

~ The story of Japan's "hidden Christians" -- Link

~ It took 500 years but the Roman Catholic Church is once again the dominant religious group in England. Because of immigration the Roman Catholic Church isn't declining quite as fast as the Church of England -- although recent reports indicate that the Church of England is also benefiting from immigration. -- Link

~ An American entrepreneur wants to use low flying satellites to beam electricity to Palau at a cost of $800 million. Let's see, the population of Palau is about 21,000 so that's only about $38,000 per Palauan. It's not as financially infeasible as I thought it would be before I got out the calculator. -- Link

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