Saturday, January 5


~ We rented a car to see some of the absolutely spectacular countryside in North Queensland. It's so impressive.

~ Less impressive is my driving -- although I've more or less gotten the hang of it. It's not enough that I have to drive on the leftside of the road -- but the car has a stick and I have to work it with my left hand -- and then the turn signal is in the opposite place of where it is on American cars. If it weren't for the round-abouts even with all of that it would be a piece of cake.

~ We ended up stopping for lunch at the Malanda Dairy Center in Malanda. I'm just entering this here because it was good enough that I want to be able to find it again if we ever get to come back. Great hamburger, and pumpkin soup. And, of course, this place is salad heaven -- so much in the fruit and vegetable department.

~ Dave Olson's book American Church in Crisis (Zondervan) comes out next month. That's going to be a must read. Dave is not only an expert at church planting but also in interpreting the statistics. If you want a realistic picture of what's happening check in with him. -- Link

~ More important statistics -- Link

~ Richard Roberts needs a job after quitting his university gig -- so he's going back into healing -- no comment necessary -- Link

The memorial service for Emory Lindgren will today in San Diego. Emory was a great mission-driven leader -- creative. -- Link

Read Scot McKnight's posts on Gerald McDermott's book God's Rivals -- #1 -- #2 -- #3


Sean Meade said...

do they have roundabouts in Australia? b/c that's what really shook me driving in Ireland. which lane do i have to be in to get the right 'exit' off the roundabout?

happy to report i didn't get stuck in any, but it was dicey ;-)

Darin said...

Hey Brad, a quick note of thanks for your blog. I'm a regular reader and really enjoy the info and thought provocation. Thanks!

On cross-cultural driving, I have always found humor in the number of times I walk up to the wrong side of the car expecting it to be driver's or passenger's side. It's a great tool for burning calories - walking laps around the car.