Saturday, January 12


~ The dark side of chocolate: 200,000 children work in cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast, the world's largest cocoa producing country and the lifeblood of the global chocolate industry -- Link

~ My super creative sister-in-law, Dee Ann, has started two delightful blogs for those who work with young children --

Wondersome Storytime is meant to be a resource for mom's and preschool teachers. Each post covers a favorite read aloud book and includes activities for at home and in the classroom. Basically it's an excuse for me to sit for hours and read wonderful picture books.

The Most Wondersome Storytime is a resource for anyone teaching God's word to young children. I list a story and say what I would do if I were teaching it.

~ I put together a slideshow of our vacation pictures. It's a little long but it gives you a sense for what Cairns is like. There are a lot of colorful tropical flowers at the end.

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