Thursday, January 17


~ Podcast interview (about 18 minutes) with Dr Sara Savage: "Mission in Western Culture" -- Link -- New framework for ministry with youth -- "the happy midi-narrative"

~ Spring flowers have already started to bloom in Sweden -- Link

~ New way to make money blogging -- Link -- It's better to be a poor blogger.

~ New US urban high school trend -- growing rigor -- "Every student is now on a college track" -- Link

~ College applications are up in numbers -- Link

~ Do fonts affect grades? Phil Renaud thinks that using a serifed font gets him better grades in college (via). His sampling seems awfully small. I suspect that he gets good grades when he hands in a well-developed and articulate paper. Personally, I prefer san-serif fonts -- much easier to read. (I have returned a few papers unread when they had cutesy fonts.)

~ The educational situation in India looks bleak -- Link

~ Beth Bilynskyj has a great post on post-denominational movements -- Link

~ One of YouTube's latest hits from Australia -- "Sorry" -- not! Go ahead and roll your eyes, mate.

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Scott said...

Re: India
Yes, the government situation for schools is grim. However, there is hope in the "private" sector. I work with an NGO that partners with Operation Mercy in India to begins schools for the Dalits. See
for a write up on these schools.
Also in a remote village one of our workers has helped to begin a school at the request of the village, as the government school was so bad. Today a K-6 school, with a lunch program (since they found out 1/2 of the children were malnourished) is flourishing.