Sunday, February 3


~ Lent starts on Wednesday (Yes, "it's early this year."). See 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed -- Link

~ "Missional Preaching and the Kingdom of God" -- Link

~ George Barna says that "Born Again Voters No Longer Favor Republican Candidates." In case you were waiting for permission, this means that you are now free to vote your conscience regarding the best choice in any given situation and still have a relationship with Christ. (Am I sounding overly cynical?) -- Link

~ Super Bowl Monday on Guam -- Link

~ My vote for most amusing commercial -- FedEx "Carrier Pigeon" -- No deep belly laughs this year -- Link

~ Polygamous marriages are okay in the UK -- provided they took place in a country where it is legal. Great news for those on welfare -- Link

~ Better than Willy Wonka because it's real -- Chocolate biodiesel -- Link

~ Rick Warren and Stephen Colbert:

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