Tuesday, July 29

Latest web-browser report

According to Google Analytics my blog readers use:
Firefox -- 45.16%
Internet Explorer -- 40.80%
Safari -- 10.93%
Opera -- 1.51%
Konqueror -- 0.05% (Linux die hard!)

Firefox has over-taken IE. Both Safari and Opera are up about 1% each over the last time I looked (sometime last year). Things are slightly more diverse. Obviously, Firefox continues to plow on through.

1 comment:

Justin said...

While FF is taking more of IEs market share, your Analytics just show that your users know better. It's all about the audience. For example, Cornerstone's site sees 59% IE while only 25% FF. On a tech blog of mine, the browser share is 51% IE, 40% FF. Then, for some reason, on another blog, a niche photo blog, FF rules with 62% vs. 30% for IE.

Different strokes, to be sure, but I, too, have seen the increase in FF share across all my sites.