Tuesday, October 28


pineapple My pineapple is progressing. Melissa likes it so much that she took a snap for her blog. I may have to keep a close eye on my baby since it sits right outside her apartment. ~ link

I spent nearly two hours this morning waiting for the mechanic to finish an oil change and radiator flush. Island time! But I did get some good reading done in Scot McKnight's new book The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible. I'll say more later but so far it has got to be one of the best books I've read this year. (Scot, you can just slip a check into the mail.)

Most places in the US have to play with their clocks this weekend returning them to standard time. But we never left it. We'll remain on Chamorro Standard Time -- GMT +10. Of course, daylight savings time wouldn't save much light on Guam anyway. We're 13° north of the equator so there is not much variance in the number of daylight hours throughout the year -- less than an hour. Generally speaking we're 12 hours daylight -- 12 hours dark -- 365 days a year.

One of the trends we're seeing on Guam is "birth tourism" -- pregnant mothers, especially Koreans, coming to Guam to deliver their babies. The baby, born on US soil, is automatically a US citizen -- putting a foot in the door for Korean families who eventually want to immigrate to the US. ~ link

Dan has become a pirate ~ link

The public schools on Guam are in such bad shape that the board has decided that the best thing they can do right now is rename a bunch of them -- "Red Herring #1" -- "Red Herring #2" -- "Red Herring #3"...

The school board didn't tell anyone they were going to do it -- just railroaded the whole thing through and now people are upset.

The situation is just indicative of way deeper problems. The students are getting the shaft. The board is playing fiddle while Rome burns. Probably the most direct and least painful overall solution would be a federal court-appointed new pepsi logostake-over of the system. This latest fiasco could be used during the sanity hearing. ~ link

Pepsi has come out with a new and clever set of logos. ~ link

"Is scholarship missions?" Yes. ~ link

The fishing village of Obama, Japan is going all out for Barack. Fun story -- regardless of your political preferences. ~ link

Fears of economic slowdown are speeding things up at LinkedIn (social networking for professionals) ~ link

Schuller the Younger says his demotion was a board decision and not his father's fault. Hmmm... ~ link


Chris Lascano said...

Have you been thinking of ways to consume the pineapple or will there be a first fruits offering?

Brad Boydston said...

I am afraid that it will probably be a first fruits -- only fruits offering if I don't go hide it somewhere.