Wednesday, October 29


Gas below $2 in Des Moines ~ link

Congo getting battered again -- thousands on the move to escape fighting ~ link

Earl Palmer has retired after 52 years. Earl is a Presbyterian pastor and was one of my teachers at New College Berkeley. He is a delightful and engaging preacher/teacher. ~ link

The Christian Science Monitor is dropping its print edition -- the first nationally circulated daily to do so. Look for more to follow. There will be times when I'll miss the print editions -- but mostly not. ~ link

Dr Witherington continues his blog-ture on the postmodern mind. "...And the ultimate elephant in the room problem is disembodiment of the education. But then disembodiment is one of the spiritual features of post-modernity--- the Gnostic severing of the spiritual from the religious, of the spiritual from the historical, of the spiritual from the traditional." ~ link

The Rays are out. Next year. ~ link

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