Saturday, December 27


In spite of what they had said earlier, apparently they had not added flame retardant chemicals to the Gävle Christmas goat this year. And now it's charcoal. ~ link

Waterfront Community Church is an interesting Chicago area church plant. They've enlisted eight sponsors to cover their expenses and that frees up 100% of the offerings for use in community ministry. ~ link

Americans need to rediscover Boxing Day ~ link

Yesterday we heard that the German Navy had thwarted some pirates off the coast of Somalia. Today China says that they're going to participate in the anti-pirating operation, too. ~ link

Kirk leaves Guam early tomorrow morning, heading back to the States. So we did a quickie tour this afternoon dropping in for visits at Ritidian Beach, Two Lovers Point, and Kmart. Then we hiked up and down the Taguan trail in Pagat. That's a hike two Saturdays in a row -- and a beach two days in a row. I'm going to need vacation!

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