Sunday, December 28


So now the American economic fiasco is apparently China's fault. They saved and invested so we would spend ourselves to death. ~ link
Another reason to buy a Toyota Prius -- the car can double as a generator in a crisis. During the recent storm in Massachusetts one man ran a "refrigerator, freezer, TV, woodstove fan, and several lights through his Prius, for three days, on roughly five gallons of gas." ~ link

Hundreds of churches across the country have received foreclosure notices in recent months, and even more are behind on mortgage payments. An economic downturn tends to increase church attendance, but the amount each churchgoer donates tends to decrease. And newer members usually donate less than older ones. Churches can trim spending by cutting staff and social activities, but for many parishes, the biggest monthly expense is the mortgage... ~ link (thx)
R.G. Lewis has a review of Sherwood Lingenfelter’s new book, Leading Cross-Culturally. ~ link

Dogs escape from pen to save Swedish man from attacking elk ~ link

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