Saturday, January 10

Pineapple and cactus

cactus flowerPictured is the blooming cactus that I have in a pot at the condo. The bloom was at its apex today. The cactus itself was a rescue that I got from someone over two years ago. At that time it was 5 inches tall. It's now cactus flowerabout 7 feet.

Also pictured (below) is my pineapple -- right before I harvested it.

Ideally I would have left it on the plant for a few more days but there were indicators that the fruit might disappear in the night if I didn't take it now. It's been in a pot at PIBC, where I also have a second developing pineapple in another pot.

I planted the pictured pineapple from a crown that I had rooted. The original pineapple (which we ate!) was a gift from our friend Daisy Ho. She brought it from Hawaii on a visit about 14 months Pineappleago.

We'll probably eat ours in a couple of days. It's been yellowing up very rapidly in our kitchen.

Gardening on Guam does not require a bright green thumb. If you can get things into decent soil they just grow. And sometimes that's not even necessary.

It's the tropics.


donnjohnson said...

Since moving to California from the Midwest, I have developed a fascination with cacti and succulents. Nice work Brad!

DaveG said...

Nice post and pictures! I miss the island immensely. If you ever want to see what the island looked like in 1969 through 1981, I've got pics posted here: ... and if you're curious about pineapples, I have info on them here:

I always enjoy seeing your posts about Guam and what you're doing over there.

Dankalu na si yu'us ma'ase!

Dave Gardner (aka "EditorDave" or "Fanihiman95376")