Saturday, January 10


NY Times piece on Mark Driscoll and the new wave of Calvinism which is taking root in American pop-evangelicalism -- all of which makes me more uneasy than the economy. (Comic book graphic, which isn't really connected to the story but which I thought was clever, via) ~ link

The Chinese government has organized a massive spin-team consisting of stringers who scour the internet for news critical of the government -- and then attempt to negate it by leaving comments on the websites. They are paid about 7¢ per comment. It's amazing what people will do for money. ~ link

The USDA plans to buy $26 million worth of orange juice from Florida growers. That's a lot of OJ. ~ link

Obama's Guam option -- airlift tens of thousands of Iraqis who have worked with Americans and whose lives are thus in danger to Guam for processing -- and eventual resettlement in the US, says George Packer in The New Yorker.

Why Guam? Not that Guamanians, who are pretty hospitable, would object. But it would require some more upgrades to the island and they're already having a hard time getting ready for the Marines. Logistics and infrastructure are not exactly what islanders do best. But they'd crank up the BBQ and throw a good party anyway. ~ link

What economic crisis? Disney is moving forward with a $3.59 billion theme park in Shanghai. ~ link

I've signed-on to the Origins Project ~ link

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