Saturday, March 7

Help us name a new church

We've been working on trying to come up with a fitting name for the church plant we're aiming to do in Queen Creek, Arizona. And we're open for suggestions. Here are the criteria -- ideally speaking.

1. The name would be rooted in biblical imagery but not be too esoteric. (No Latin.)

2. The name would be easy on the tongue and ears. The words themselves need to be positive rather than negative or harsh.

3. The name would communicate action or mission -- and inclusion.

4. The name would be contemporary but not trendy. (We'd like to keep it around for awhile.)

5. The name would not create confusion in relation to other congregations in the East Valley of the metro Phoenix area -- or in regard to who we are.

6. The name would fit with the community. QC is a part of the sprawl out into the desert. It's a nice area -- suburban in character -- not elitist. But it is an area where the people who could not afford to live in the city center have gravitated. It is somewhat diverse -- as suburbs are becoming -- broad socio-economic range. Last year it was the fastest growing community in the US. This year it is a hub in the foreclosure crisis. There is a significant LDS presence.

Got ideas? Leave a comment or two. Thanks!

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Horace Glump said...

How about:
Anchor Community Church
The Anchor

1) An Anchor in your life.
2) An Anchor in life's storms.
3) An anchor in a hectic world.

Could also use Hebrews 6:19 as a key verse.