Wednesday, March 4


Premiere of Larry Norman: the movie. ~ link

If I were in California I'd take a look. Larry was in a garage band that played across the street from our house in San Jose. At least we thought it was a garage band but then they had a hit song. He was truly a strange intense dude -- but thoroughly engaging.

Yes, they have Craigslist for Guam. I posted our condo this evening. ~ link

During lunch I was sitting in the staff lounge with everyone, drinking my Diet Coke, and the subject of yesterday's earthquake came up. I mentioned that it was long enough that I could compose a Twitter message about it before the shaking ended. Lots of strange looks followed -- like I had started speaking in tongues. In case you want an interpretation, here is the link to Twitter. It is estimated that there are about 8 million twitterers out there. I twitter at

There were not any key limes to be found on Guam so Cheryl made me a calamansi pie yesterday, using our famous key lime pie recipe, and substituting calamansis that she had picked over at the Farnsworth plantation. It was the best calamansi pie we've had!

Boomers heading into retirement have been the hardest hit. "...the decline in wealth is the greatest on record." ~ link


Rick said...

Link to a page on FB that has a 4 minute video clip.

Rick said...

see also - sabby's website. You can buy the dvd.