Thursday, March 12


Time magazine has identified the "new Calvinism" as one of the "10 ideas changing the world right now." ~ link

"Missional church is not about ‘doing church’ better -– at least, not the way we’ve 'done church' in North America... It is not church growth in a new dress… missional thinking and living change the game completely. The missional renaissance is altering both the character and the expression of the church in the world." ~ Reggie McNeal

A few people concerned about Google's advertising advances have come up with a GreaseMonkey script that automatically clicks on all AdSense ads -- an attempt to throw off the hounds, so to speak. Over-reaction? ~ link

It was Pineapple Friday. I cut up the 5lb monster pineapple that I grew on campus. Actually all I did to make it grow was to plant it and occasionally pour a little fertilizer on it. The rest took care of itself -- one of the great things about living on Guam.

Kentucky is the US state with the highest proportion of smokers -- 28% of Kentucky residents smoke. Guam beats that, though -- 31.1%. ~ link

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