Friday, March 13


There is a new Covenant church starting in Santa Clarita, California. That's a place that's been on my radar for awhile. Exciting opportunity! ~ link

We went bowling with our PIBC community group this evening. The guys in our group, all Chuukese, had never been before. (There are no bowling allies in Chuuk. They have beautiful lagoons but no bowling allies.) So, all four of them ended up with scores higher than mine. Sigh.
coconut kiss
Have you tried the Hershey's Kisses with coconut? Very smooth.

It appears that a school in Sheffield, England is trying to ban the word "school" -- because of the negative associations -- for the parents. Okey-dokey... ~ link

The Economist: "Why immigration is good for America's business" -- If hospitality isn't enough of a reason in and of itself here is something more "bottom-line" -- other than the hospitality. I wonder if one of the reasons that God modeled radical hospitality (hesed) because ultimately we end up benefiting from our own openness and generosity -- a "byproduct." ~ link

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Justin said...

Dangit. I'm on a tight budget, and you have to go an mention Kisses with coconut!

Maybe we should try banning the use of the word "church" since it rubs some people the wrong way...