Wednesday, March 18


• A third of the world's languages are considered to be "at risk." A quarter of the world's population now speaks just three languages: Mandarin, English and Spanish. ~ link

• We said goodbye to John & Jeannie Jamieson tonight. They've been on sabbatical here on Guam for a few months. Tomorrow they head back to Kathmandu, Nepal, where they serve an international church. John is now online. John now Twitters. It's been a successful sabbatical.

• The latest Facebook release is pretty intuitive to the way that my brain works. I still feel more partial toward Twitter, though.

• I keep thinking that I should tell Pastor Jeff that there's a Lutheran Church of Guam Facebook group. I'll let him know before we scoot out the door in May -- if he doesn't come across any of the online hints I'm dropping.

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