Wednesday, March 18


Keep calm poster• Brits rediscover the power of an old wartime poster ~ link

• Today's Glumpism -- "Life is a lot easier if you let your dog worry for you." ~ link

• One reason that the $1 coins aren't circulating well here is that the Bank of Guam is charging a 60¢ service fee to get a roll of them. Is that legal?

• WSJ: "Migration around the U.S. slowed to a crawl" -- well, yeah. There are fewer jobs to move to and if you had a new job you might have to try to sell the house you're under. But there are places like Phoenix where there is net + migration -- over 50,000 people last year. My theory, FWIW -- perhaps not much, is that the whole recession bubble is going to burst at the first substantial sign that things are getting better. All of the pent-up consumerism will explode into a frenzy of buying, selling, and moving. People are just waiting for a good excuse to justify spending. Cognitive dissonance is in the wings.  ~ link

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