Monday, March 9


transparent concreteNearly transparent concrete thanks to embedded optical fibers. ~ link (thx)

Auto fuel from coffee grounds? We know it can be done. Now if we'd just move beyond the novelty and dreaming and talking stage and into the action stage. Just do it. ~ link

How to Twitter ~ link

"Campolo questions if economic woes can be solved" -- Of course, Tony Campolo is a master of hyperbole. And then there is the human propensity (especially those who are historically aware) to each believe that we are living in the most defining moment in history. It's a part of our quest for significance and self-definition. ~ link

The banner headline on the front page of the Marianas Variety today features the $3.7 million (in addition to the $140 million in formula grants) that Guam will get through the US economic stimulus plan. The large story on the bottom of the same page is about how the US has historically abandoned Guam and done very little for the island other than burden it with the military, environmental regulations, and the Compact of Free Association issues. It's disconnected politics as usual on Guam.

I do miss spring in the almond orchards but my running nose and watering eyes don't. ~ link

iMonk bemoans the digital altar calling popping up in revival meetings. Instead of walking forward you use your cell phone to text the evangelist and register your decision. At first I thought the story was satire. ~ link


Rick said...

I just had an "aha" moment: I have never had a problem with allergies at all; and I was raised in a home with two very prolific almond trees in the backyard. Effect and cause?

Brad Boydston said...

I was raised with a cherry orchard on the other side of my back fence. Lots of pollen. Nothing really bothered me until I became an adult.