Monday, April 6


Llamas by Charlie Leight/The Arizona RepublicPIBC just got a check for $56.10 for a box of empty inkjet cartridges we sent to They even paid the postage.

Arizona Llama Rescue is looking for homes for several of the South American camelids. ~ link

Not quite as exciting as chocolate but... yet, another reason to eat broccoli -- especially broccoli-sprouts ~ link

Henry Lyons, who spent time in prison for stealing $5.2 million from the National Baptist Convention, USA, is seeking to get his old job back as president of the denomination. Does anyone other than Henry actually think that this is a wise thing to do? ~ link

Do you read Sivin Kit's blog? He's a Lutheran pastor in Malaysia with an important voice. ~ link

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Sivin Kit said...

Thanks for hearing my voice :-) Blessed HOly Week!