Wednesday, April 8


Spies from Russia and China have penetrated the US electrical grid cyber-control systems, attempting to cause disruptions. ~ link

fishOur friend Dave Husby, from Tokyo, is on Guam for a couple of days. So, this afternoon we took him and the Sorensons (the other Covenant project missionaries working at PIBC) to UnderWater World -- one of my favorite tourist places on Guam. I could sit in those underwater tubes for hours watching the sharks, rays, sea turtles, and their fishy friends literally just inches away.

One of Schindler's original lists has been discovered in an Australian library. ~ link

A new Samsung television system determines the ethnicity of the viewer (along with age and gender) in order to better target advertising. This is an interesting concept to introduce just as the racial/ethnic mix becomes more complex. And just who is going to buy a television that is into racial profiling? I kept looking for an April 1 posting date. ~ link

The Grand Canyon Railway is offering free rides from Williams, Arizona, to Grand Canyon National Park to people who were married or born in 1959 -– the same year The Grand Canyon Railway‘s diesel locomotives were built. ~ link

Rick Mansfield will be happy to see that there is a note-takers version of the TNIV coming out next month. I looked at the .pdf preview and that is one wide-margin -- a whole page of margin for every page of text. I wonder what it will weigh. ~ link


R. Mansfield said...

I'm probably starting to look like a whiner at this point or extremely picky, but no, Brad, I'm not interested in the NoteTaker's TNIV.

As I mentioned in a comment on This Lamp, undoubtedly, many will be thrilled with this edition, and that's great, but it's not what I'm looking for. I like to take my notes in the immediate proximity of the biblical text--that is, the margins as opposed to a facing page.

What I don't even understand in this regard is the fact that I've heard MANY people ask for a wide margin TNIV, but I've NEVER heard anyone ask for an interleaved (or technically, quasi-interleaved since only the facing page is blank) TNIV. I'm sure they're are people who will really enjoy this edition, but unfortunately, I'm not one of them.

I really don't think I'm being picky. I've never asked for anything complicated, just something equivalent to what Zondervan's publishing with their wide margin NASB and NIV Bibles as represented here:

Brad Boydston said...

I understand and I don't think it is being picky. I wouldn't be interested in a note-takers edition either.