Wednesday, April 8


Today is Maundy Thursday. Maundy = mandate = command. "I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other." ~ John 13:34

There are signs that people are starting to suffer from online sociability fatigue. The temptation will be to throw Jeff's Pirate Covethe baby out with the bathwater. ~ link

That's a skull and cross-bones that they're painting into the clouds on the ceiling at Jeff's Pirate Cove -- another one of Guam's fun hang-outs.

In the attention economy of the web it appears that "persistence actually reduces the chances of success," according to a new study of YouTube stats. "The more frequently an individual uploads content the less likely it is that it will reach a success threshold." ~ link

NavPress is going to cease publication of their two magazines Discipleship Journal and Pray! ~ link

Executive summary of the massive military build-up on Guam -- this is a lot bigger than people realize. ~ link

It appears that our buyer's financing has fallen through. Our Guam condo is now back on the market. ~ link

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Rick said...

So sorry to hear about the condo. Praying.