Friday, April 17


That haze hanging over Guam is vog from a volcano about 350 miles north of us.

The vog made for a pretty twightlight over the bay. Cheryl and I bought some pad thai from our favorite Thai restaurant and stepped out onto the beach to enjoy the show.

There is no upper limit on the Richter scale. ~ link

My favorite online theological seminary, South African Theological Seminary, has awarded its first DTh degree. The school is accredited by the South African government and awards BTh, MTh, and now DTh degrees. They have a reputation for service, rigor, and accessibility (including cost). ~ link

PIBC was featured last night on the KUAM News Extra show. Sonya Artero interviewed fourth year student Elilai Haruzi and President Dave Owen. The video is online. ~ link

There are two SCHEDULED power outages tomorrow. ~ link

Chris Guillebeau has written and published online (.pdf) the story of how he created a new career in social media -- 279 Days to Overnight Success: an Unconventional Journey to Full-Time Writing. It's a little heavy on formula but it is stimulating and free. ~ link (thx)

Is the sign of the cross enjoying a resurgence among Protestants? ~ link

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