Tuesday, March 31

Some people DO get it.

Kishin Advani, the Realtor who sold us our condo three years ago, has been feeding me information behind the scenes that has helped us with the FSBO of the same condo. Of course, I promised to list it with him if it didn't sell FSBO but he's gone way beyond the call of duty to help out. And this is not the first time.

I had another great service moment when I went to the Barrigada Post Office this afternoon. After checking the PO box I had to go to the package window to get an over-sized box. But I didn't have to wait for the clerk to go hunt for the package in the back because it was already at the window when I arrived there. She had recognized me when I walked in the door and associated me with the proper PO box. She then picked up my package from the back shelf when she had gone to retrieve mail for another customer. So it was already waiting at the counter when I got there.

There are people who DO get it. Could Guam eventually become the customer service capital of the world? Imagine that.

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