Wednesday, April 1

Random now has three Dave Ramsey messages available for churches to download and use through their open resources ministry. (I really appreciate their willingness to share so freely.) ~ link
We're blessed to live in place of great natural beauty. The butterfly and bougainvillea are a common sight on Guam. This picture was taken on the PIBC campus.

We need a new approach to nudging Cuba in a positive direction. YES on the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act -- no foolin'. ~ link

The Guardian, bulwark of British journalism, announced today that they, too, are going to stop printing newspapers and will publish entirely on Twitter. What they neglected to mention is that I've purchased their redundant presses and will be using them to start a print edition of my blog. I've contracted with the same guys who moved the London Bridge to Lake Havasu City, Arizona to pack it up (ink and all) and ship the presses to my new corporate office complex in Queen Creek, Arizona. I got a good deal. ~ link

QC on the way up -- A couple of weeks ago McDonald's opened. Now Dunkin' Donuts is having a grand opening. It's not a total fast-food desert out there. ~ link

Google is taking advantage of the day. ~ link

"Spam Back Up To 94% of All Email" ~ link

Minority enrollment is driving the growth of suburban schools. ~ link (thx)

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