Saturday, June 27

Covenant Annual Meeting

ECC 124th annual meetingWith the conclusion of the ordination service tonight the 124th Covenant annual meeting is now history. (See a list of ordinands.) It's actually kind of fun to go to these meetings when you don't have any responsibility except to chat with old friends and make some new ones.

Don Johnson (in Santa Barbara) watched the live stream of the ordination service. My bud Stan Friedman in the Dept of Communication (that department does a great job on a shoestring!) told me that there were over 235 computers downloading the live feed -- many from outside the US. I know that some churches set-up an ordination viewing on a big screen when one of their staff members is ordained and they can't bring the whole church to the annual meeting. It's not as good as having the service locally but it works.

Our next stop is Nelson, BC to visit with Cheryl's brother for two days. Then we'll drop down to North Idaho to visit my brother for two days. Then we dart back to Phoenix to receive our cargo container.

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