Saturday, June 27


RG Lewis: "...Christ is often revealed through critical tension. We are not called to solve the tensions but allowing those tensions to reveal the One who has answers to all the questions of humanity." ~ read more

I guess I've been living under a rock. I saw a sign today for an "optometric physician" -- which I suspect is another way of saying "optometrist" (OD). That's confusing. It sounds like an ophthalmologist -- which is a physician (MD or DO) who treats the whole body but specializes in eyes.

I heard another phrase this week that was new to me. "She is majoring in hippie studies." Apparently hippie studies is a reference to one of the very soft sciences or arts.

Seth Godin on dealing with fads and trends -- and never-satisfied early adopters. ~ link

See Beth Bilynskyj on "ecclesiastical romanticism" ~ link

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