Sunday, June 7


Altoid tin toolboxTurn an Altoid tin into a cute little toolbox. ~ link (via)

We said good-bye to all of our good friends at the Lutheran Church of Guam this morning. It's a great church. We will definitely miss those people. However, we will probably see Pastor Jeff and Mary Johnson in Phoenix this week. They leave for Arizona tomorrow and will be on the ELCA missionary circuit for a couple of months. They've bought a condo in Fountain Hills, Arizona which may need some painting. Hopefully we'll be able to help out with some of that. ~ link to LCG website

Don Tapscott on the "impending demise of the university" -- his thesis is a bit overstated but he's not too far off. I wouldn't use the word "demise" and would call it a "retooling" for a different style of learning. ~ link (via)

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Ann said...

Brad, the article on teaching/ learning in universities is excellent. I agree that interactive learning is key to the engagement of students. Lectures w/out interactivity and discussion are very limited in retention and application. Of course, we need to face the challenge in the model of our churches and the preaching of sermons (ongoing old-style pedagogy if ever there is a weekly non-educational example)?
Safe travels!